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Welcome to ACTA Crane Hire, your trusted partner for Hiab hire in Bournemouth. With over 20 years of experience, we are your go-to experts in lifting solutions. Our highly skilled and friendly team is committed to providing top-notch crane hire services that meet your specific needs. 

At ACTA Crane Hire, we understand the importance of precision and efficiency when it comes to lifting heavy loads. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of Hiab crane hire options designed to cater to various industries and projects. Whether you’re in construction, logistics, or any other field, we’ve got you covered. 

When you choose us, you can expect exceptional service from start to finish. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.  

Contact us today on 01202 383332 for all your lifting and crane hire needs. Let us help you get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Our Hiab Lorry Hire Services

When it comes to crane hire in Bournemouth, ACTA Crane Hire offers a lorry-mounted Hiab crane to meet your lifting needs. Our Hiab 700 with a fly jib boasts an impressive reach of up to 22 metres and a lifting capacity of 1.7 tonnes, ensuring the versatility required for various lifting tasks. Our cranes possess the capability to handle diverse loads at multiple distances, providing you with the flexibility necessary for your projects. 

At ACTA Crane Hire, we go the extra mile to ensure the success of your lifting operations. We are more than happy to arrange site visits, collaborating closely with you to ensure seamless execution. Our certified and skilled crane operators are dedicated to delivering top-quality service and providing expert guidance to facilitate your projects. 

Health and safety are paramount to us. We meticulously adhere to all necessary safety measures and procedures for every lift and job. Our cranes and lifting equipment undergo regular checks, inspections, and full testing, and they are certified for your peace of mind. 

For efficient and reliable Hiab lorry hire in Bournemouth, contact ACTA Crane Hire. We are your trusted partner for all your lifting needs in the UK. 

Fassi 800 Crane Hire

Discover the exceptional capabilities of our Fassi 800 crane hire services in Bournemouth. At ACTA Crane Hire, we proudly offer this powerful lifting solution alongside our Hiab crane services to cater to a wide range of heavy lifting needs. 

Our Fassi 800 crane is equipped with a fly jib that extends up to an impressive 29 metres, making it suitable for tackling even the most challenging lifting tasks. With a lifting capacity of 1.4 tonnes at 26 metres and a total reach of 29 metres, this crane delivers the strength and reach required for demanding projects. 

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Whether you require crane hire for construction, logistics, or any other application, our Fassi 800 crane is up to the task. It provides the versatility and precision needed to ensure successful lifts at various distances and load requirements. 

ACTA Crane Hire is your trusted partner for crane hire services in Bournemouth, offering a wide range of options, including Hiab and Fassi 800 cranes. Contact us today for all your crane hire needs in the UK and experience the excellence of our lifting services. 

Transportation Services

At ACTA Crane Hire, we offer more than just crane hire services. Our comprehensive transportation services are designed to meet your unique logistical needs. When conventional means of transportation, like cars or vans, are impractical for moving your materials or goods from Point A to Point B, our team is here to assist you. 

Our transportation service is versatile and can collect and transport your items to and from various sites. Whether you’re relocating to a new location and need to move large machinery or equipment, or you have other oversized items that require transport, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done. 

By choosing ACTA Crane Hire for both transportation and crane services, you’ll save time, reduce frustration, and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers. We offer a hassle-free, flexible solution that can adapt to almost any situation, ensuring a seamless transition for your materials or equipment. 

Why Choose Us for Crane Hire, Bournemouth?

With over two decades of experience in crane operating, ACTA Crane Hire stands as your premier choice for Hiab crane hire Bournemouth. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of lifting, installing, and transporting diverse loads set us apart as industry leaders. 

At ACTA Crane Hire, we take great pride in our impeccable reputation, consistently delivering superior service and experiences to all our customers. We are committed to offering fair and honest prices, working closely with our clients to ensure an exceptional service tailored to their specific needs. 

Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients in Bournemouth speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our crane hire services. When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner with a proven history of excellence in the industry. 

Whether you require Hiab hire, Fassi crane hire, or our transportation services, trust ACTA Crane Hire to provide the expertise and professionalism you deserve. Contact us today for all your crane hire needs and experience the difference of working with a trusted industry leader. 


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