Crane Slinger Bournemouth

Are you embarking on a construction project and need a crane to lift an array of building materials? Well, turn your attention to ACTA Crane Hire. We offer multiple services, with the head of our company Nathan being trained as a crane slinger. Bournemouth clients can receive a free no-obligation quote by calling 01202 383332.

Hire Our Trustworthy and Experienced Bournemouth Crane Slinger

A crane slinger is a crucial member of a construction project that consists of lifting. The individual helps the crane operators manoeuvre items safely. Here at ACTA Crane Hire, Nathan is on hand to offer his services as a crane slinger in Bournemouth. He is experienced in providing safe direction and supervision during the lifting process.

There are a number of hand signals used to instruct the crane operator, ensuring that they carry out the process correctly. When you hire our crane slinger, Bournemouth clients should know that Nathan is well versed in the appropriate signals, such as ‘start’ ‘stop’ and ‘danger’. The point of this is to make sure that the materials and items lifted are being moved safely and to its specific location.

It is more than likely that the crane operator will not be able to see every aspect of the site clearly. With the help of our Bournemouth crane slinger, he will be the eyes and ears, giving the crane operator clear directions. You can put your full trust in ACTA Crane Hire as we have invaluable knowledge and experience of the industry.

Keep in mind that our crane slinger in Bournemouth can also pre-arrange certain signals with the crane operator. This is usually needed when the common signals are not sufficient enough for the job at hand. Also, if safety becomes an issue, Nathan will have the authority to suspend the lifting process until it is safe to carry on.

What Objects Can We Lift?

If you require a crane slinger, Bournemouth clients, then you have certainly come to the right place. Nathan is an experienced professional that can oversee the project, ensuring that your items are moved safely. In fact, Nathan has worked with numerous different objects, including the following:

  • Steel Beams and Steel Frames
  • Boat Engines
  • Glass Windows
  • Engineering Machinery
  • Hot Tubs
  • Air Conditioning Units and More!

If you turn to our company, you can hire more than the expertise of our Bournemouth crane slinger. In fact, our services extend to crane hire and transportation hire, which involves us moving your items to their location safely and on time.

Crane Slinger Bournemouth

Why Hire Our Crane Slinger, Bournemouth Clients?

It is essential that you choose the services of a reliable and reputable company. Nathan is the owner of ACTA Crane Hire and over the years he has perfected his craft and widened his knowledge of the industry. He is a man of all trades as he can be hired as a crane operator, an appointed person, a crane supervisor, a transport manager or a crane slinger in Bournemouth.

Over the last 20 years, Nathan has gained experience and qualifications, including his HGV license. Following further training and examinations, he is now in a position to run his own business and offer clients fantastic services. As customers, you can expect fair and honest treatment, so when you hire our crane slinger, Bournemouth clients will be offered an affordable price.

If you are still mulling over whether or not to enlist the services of our crane slinger, Bournemouth customers should scroll through our testimonials page. Here, you will read first-hand accounts from our satisfied customers. Add yourself to that list!

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