Crane Hire and Lift Charts

Crane Hire

When you require expert advice, ACTA Crane Hire will be available to help you with your crane hire needs.

With two large lorry mounted cranes; a Fassi 800 with a fly jib with up to 29 metres reach and a Hiab 700 with fly jib with up to 22 metres reach, we are confident that we will be able to assist you.

Our crane operators are fully certified, skilled and extremely competent. We will deliver you a top-quality service and provide you with the expertise and advice that you need to get the job done.

ACTA Crane Hire takes Health and Safety seriously and we always ensure that we take the proper measures and procedures required for any of our lifts ands jobs. The cranes and all of our lifting equipment are regularly checked, inspected, fully tested and certified. We always want our customers to have complete peace of mind and will provide all necessary documentation.


  • Our cranes have the ability to lift varied loads at multiple distances
  • Fassi 800 with fly jib can lift up to 1.4 Tonne at 26 metres, with a total reach of 29 metres
  • Hiab 700 with fly jib can lift up to 1.7 Tonne with a total reach at 22 metres
  • We can happily arrange site visits with customers when required, to ensure the job can go ahead as smoothly as possible.


For a better understanding of the lifting capabilities of the crane, please see lift charts below.

ACTA Crane Hire Lifting over a House

Why Choose Our Crane Hire Service?

Over the last 20 years Nathan has been perfecting his ability as a crane operator and fully understands how important it is for customers to choose a company that has a wealth of experience and know-how, which is something that ACTA Crane Hire has in abundance.

The comprehensive list below demonstrates the various objects I have worked with over the years;

  • Steel beams, steel frames, balconies and stairs
  • Roof trusses, chimneys, timber
  • Building materials
  • Block and beam (with use of our own brick grab for ease of moving blocks on site)
  • Boat engines, moulds and parts required for the building processes
  • Glass windows, panels, frames, bi-fold doors & roof lanterns
  • Engineering machinery, printing presses, CNC machines, injection moulding and equipment.
  • Containers, cabins and beach huts
  • Hot tubs and Spas
  • Sculptures and statues
  • Christmas trees
  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigeration units
  • Dog pod units

Our services are covered widespread, Whether you’re in need of Crane Hire Hampshire or in Portsmouth. If you’re in need of HIAB hire Hampshire services in Hampshire for smaller loads, our experienced team can provide you with the right solutions.

We also provide long reach crane hire in Southampton for those who require extended reach and enhanced flexibility. And if you’re looking for HIAB hire Portsmouth services, Acta Crane Hire is the go-to company.

Still not sure? Read our Testimonials to hear straight from our customers!

Please contact us today to discuss your lifting requirements, we are happy to help!

Looking for Transportation as well? ACTA Crane Hire also offer this service, so no matter what your requirements, we will be able to help!

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Fassi 800 AXP.26 Fly Jib L414

FASSI 800 AXP.26

ACTA Crane Hire Load Diagram

FASSI 800 AXP.26

ACTA Crane Hire Lift Load Diagram


Slinger/signaller’s have an important role on a work site. The role requires skill, diligence, and excellent concentration to work alongside the lifting team/s in order to provide safe direction and supervision to the crane operators.

Nathan is a fully qualified Slinger/signaller and has a wealth of expertise when it comes to working alongside other crane operators as well as by himself. He knows the importance of safety and follows protocols during working on site.

ACTA Crane Hire Moving a bea,