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Do you need someone to lift and move something heavy? Or perhaps something large and bulky? Only cranes can lift such items, and you’ll need to get in touch with a proven crane operator before you proceed. With years of experience under our belt, the team at ACTA Crane Hire assures you that, whatever you need us to lift, we can handle it. 

We have different cranes to handle different requests, and our crane hire services are among the most competitively priced in Winchester. If you would like to find out more or wish to request one of our cranes and crane operators, give us a call now on 01202 383 332.

Professional Crane Hire Winchester Clients Can Rely On  

There are many things too large, bulky, and heavy to be lifted any other way than with a crane. Unless you’re in the construction trade, hiring cranes is likely not something you’re familiar with. But if you need to hire one, you’ll need to contact an experienced crane operator. 

At ACTA Crane Hire, we’ve been assisting customers throughout Winchester for many years now looking to hire cranes. Whatever your requirements, we’ll ensure that the service we provide is tailored to your needs. To learn more about our service, including the objects we can lift, keep reading or give ACTA Crane Hire a call today. 

Objects We Can Lift  

With one of our powerful cranes, we can handle lifting a variety of heavy, large, and bulky items, including: 

  • Steel Beams, Frames, Balconies, and Stairs 
  • Refrigeration Units 
  • Christmas Trees 
  • Containers, Cabins, and Beach Huts 
  • Engineering Machinery, Printing Presses, CNC Machines, etc. 
  • Sculptures and Statues 
  • Hot Tubs and Spas 
  • And More 
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Other Services We Offer

In addition to standard crane hire services, we also assist in the following capacities: 

  • Lifting Contracts 
  • Transportation 
  • Long Reach Crane Hire 
  • HIAB Hire 


In addition to lifting heavy, large, and bulky objects from one position to another, we can transport these objects to an entirely different location. The kind of objects that a crane is needed to lift aren’t the sort of objects you can transport in a van or car. These objects need to be transported on a flatbed. 

You might be relocating to a new site and looking to move across machinery and equipment. Or maybe you’re looking to move large bulky units from where they were produced/ stored to where they are intended to be used. These are just two of the many scenarios where our transportation team can be of assistance.  

We remove any frustration or hassle from the equation, providing a stress-free service from start to finish.  

Difference Between Crane Hire and Lifting Contract  

We’ve discussed crane hire above, and it’s worth noting the difference between crane hire and lifting contracts. A lifting contract is what most of our customers will require as this involves us taking full responsibility for operating the crane, planning the lift, and ensuring health and safety responsibilities are adhered to. 

Crane hire can also be simply that – you hire the crane which gets delivered. Your team would then be responsible for operating the crane, planning the lift, and enforcing health and safety responsibilities onsite. This sort of service is usually only requested by tradesmen with the necessary skill sets or a team that includes a licenced crane operator. 

Long Reach Crane Hire and Hiab Hire 

Some lifts require that an item be lifted at a much greater distance. One example of this is lifting a heavy item in the back garden with the crane extended over the property. This is necessary for situations where access prevents a clear line of sight between the crane and the object. Fortunately, we’re equipped to handle lifting items in such scenarios with the Fassi 800 with a fly jib. 

This crane can lift up to 1.4 tonnes at 26 metres and has a total reach of 29 metres. 

We also possess a HIAB crane – the HIAB 700 with a fly jib that can lift up to 1.7 tonnes at 22 metres. A HIAB crane is one that’s mounted to a lorry. HIAB cranes have a large number of uses and so can often replace the need for a mobile crane or forklift at the worksite. 

Why Choose Our Crane Hire Winchester Residents?  

For professionally handled, competitively priced crane hire in Winchester, look no further than ACTA Crane Hire. We specialise in lifting all manner of heavy, large, and bulky items, providing a service that exceeds expectations. 

We boast a stellar reputation with many customers happily recommending our lifting services to friends and family. Our excellent track record speaks for itself; you can always count on the second-to-none professionalism of Nathan and his team. 

No request is too much for us to handle, so if you need something lifted and don’t know who to turn to, make ACTA Crane Hire your first port of call. 


Check out our crane hire team in action and see what sort of equipment we have at our disposal by clicking on our gallery page. 


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If you’re for professional, reliable, competitively priced mobile crane hire services in Winchester, look no further than ACTA Crane Hire. We’re the go-to company for domestic and commercial customers looking to hire cranes locally, thanks to our stellar reputation. Whatever you need us to lift, rest assured that we’re adept at lifting most heavy or large, awkwardly shaped items. 

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